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Wednesday, Jun. 14th 2017

Don’t Let Wood Rot And Repair Olathe Ruin Your Summer!

Residential Solutions knows all too well the issues wood rot and repair Olathe can cause. Summer is here. This is when you invite friends over to barbecue and hang out. The last thing you need is your deck being unstable! If you notice you need to address your deck’s stability – call on us. Residential Solutions can take care of your wood rot and repair Olathe with minimal impact to your summer fun. Our experienced and reliable workmen will come out and assess the problem and determine if you need minor repairs or a complete rebuild.

You might need a rebuild because the bones of the deck have become unsound. Organic materials like wood are prone to damage from mold, rotting, termites, carpenter ants or neglecting maintenance. Climate and weather play a big part, too. In some areas of the country, the lifespan of a wooden deck is limited. No matter what you do, humidity and exposure to extreme elements effect the longevity and stability of your deck. Often, due to concern for costs, people build or repair their deck themselves. This may not actually be cost effective. Do-It-Yourself decks may not be architecturally safe. If this is the case, you pay more to tear it down and have it done properly and up to code. Kansas humidity and annual climate requires active self maintenance and the use of approved materials and techniques to avoid wood rot and repair Olathe.  

Upgrading to a high-quality deck substructure will help your new deck last a lifetime. Decks can be dangerous when they are overcrowded and not maintained. There are conditions that you shouldn’t neglect with your deck. You can be sued by your visitors for negligence if they get hurt. According to the Home Safety Council, about half the decks in the United States are in danger of collapsing. There are dangerous collapses every year, and many times the collapse can be prevented.

Resurfacing your deck is another way to breath new life into your deck and help with avoiding wood rot and repair Olathe.  A resurfacing project can save you thousands over a total rebuild, while still giving you the benefits of a fresh deck. The curb-appeal of a shiny new deck is hard to underestimate, especially if you’re considering selling your home in the near future.

So to ensure your summer stays fun and your guests/family stay safe, contact Residential Solutions to schedule your free, no obligation deck evaluation and estimate. Let’s eliminate wood rot and rebuild Olathe, one deck at a time!

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