Cabot Wood Stains – 1400 Series

cabot_stainCabot offers a complete line of preparation products for virtually every project need. Use the following products as a first step to your wood-finishing project to ensure lasting beauty.

Features and Benefits

• Made to be walked on; formulated for maximum foot traffic
• Extra pigments help to resists sun’s UV rays
• Water repellent and gives a mildew resistant coating
• Special alkyd-resin base for extreme scuff resistance
• Ideal for use on all types of decking such as cedar, fir, pine, cypress, spruce, redwood and pressure-treated wood
• Can also be used on Composite Decking


DeckScapes® Exterior Oil Semi-Transparent Stain

Long-lasting penetrating oil-based formula protects the beauty of wood with a rich semi-transparent finish.Deckscape cans


DeckScapes® Exterior Acrylic Solid Color Deck Stain

Provides durable, opaque protection for all exterior horizontal wood surfaces. It is recommended that you consult the manufacturer of your composite deck for staining procedures


TWP 100 Wood Stain

TWP® 100 series is a unique combination of chemicals in a professional strength, easy to apply formula that protects and preserves all exterior woods in 5 ways:

• Water Repellent Prevents Water Absorption ·


• Stops U.V. Damage
• Helps Prevent Wood Rot

• Resistant to Mold and Mildew
• Easy to Apply and Maintain

TWP® 100 series is an EPA registered wood preservative and rated #1 in semi-transparent stains in leading consumer magazines.

Features and Benefits
• Excellent longevity on both vertical and horizontal surfaces
• Will not peel. TWP® is a penetrating stain, not a film former
• Professional choice for all exterior wood surfaces
• Semi-transparent stain preserves natural wood color
• Repels water
• Aids in color retention
• Dry time is 4-24 hours depending on weather conditions



Penofin Red Label Stain

Ultra Premium Red Label Wood Finish is formulated for all wood species.

Features and Benefits
• 99% ultraviolet protection via transoxide pigments.
• Added high-grade mildewcide.
• Great for decks, siding, fences, gazebos, outdoor furniture, boats, docks, or any wood structure in a harsh weather environment.
• Never any sanding or stripping required!


Sikkens Cetol® SRD Wood Finish

sikkensCetol SRD is a one-coat translucent exterior wood finish based on a special oil and alkyd resin combination, for use on a variety of exterior wood surfaces

Features and Benefits

• Highly transparent; ensures optimum visibility of the grain.
• Uses transparent iron-oxide pigmentation to protect the wood from ultraviolet-light. • Highly microporous for areas subjected to high moisture.
• Non-film building.
• Single coat application.
• Contains fungicide to provide protection against surface mold growth.
• Easy application & excellent flow.


Olympic Wood Protector Waterproofing Sealantolympic

Provides a clear finish to protect the natural beauty of your wood while allowing it to gray and weather naturally.

Features and Benefits

• WaterGuard® protection
• SunBlock® U.V. protection
• Exclusive ScuffGuard® formula
• Creates a mildew-resistant coating
• Available in ready-mix colors and tinting bases to achieve 50 semi-transparent stain colors


The importance of proper serface preparation

The first step in any wood project should ALWAYS be proper surface preparation. Many, if not all, project failures can be attributed to poor surface preparation, or perhaps no surface prep at all. Preparing the surface for a stain or any coating, allows for proper adhesion, penetration and overall coverage. Surface preparation ensures a smooth and flawless appearance, time after time.