Wallpaper Removal Kansas City
Thursday, Jan. 12th 2017

Wallpaper Removal Kansas City

You may have wallpaper that is old and faded, cracking and peeling. You may just want a new look for your room. Removing wallpaper and applying new paint can make an old room look brand new again. It really is a dirty chore, and if you don’t have the know how or the patience to remove wallpaper, you might ruin your walls and have to deal with expensive repairs. That’s why we at Residential Solutions KC are the experts. Our wallpaper removal services here in Kansas City area are available for your home, including individual rooms.

Wallpaper removal, like other home improvement jobs, can require more effort than initially thought and it is important that the proper steps are taken to ensure you will not have problems with your newly painted walls. Regardless of how long the wallpaper has been on a wall or what type of glue or adhesive was used in the initial application, we can get it off. Our wallpaper removal efforts include:

  • Appropriate masking and taping on floors, ceilings, crown molding, chair rails and base boards will be done.
  • Occasionally drywall can be damaged during the removal process, any cost to fix this is already included in the original estimate.
  • Sanding and skim coating all wall surfaces will be done as it is necessary for a quality end result.
  • Any clean-up due to sanding will be done prior to priming the entire wall surface
    All estimates will include wallpaper removal, 1 coat of primer and 2 coats in interior paint.
  • A final walk through will be done to ensure that the project was completed to the customers satisfaction.

The factors when figuring the cost of wallpaper removal are the number of layers, wall condition, ceiling height, previous wall prep. Contact us so we can advise you of the best options for your wall situation.

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