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Thursday, Mar. 30th 2017

Treating For Dry Rot In Kansas City

We at Residential Solutions have had many jobs over the years, with one of the major calls being to fix dry rot. Basically, if the wood is rotten, it’s called “dry rot”, and you guessed it, we’ll come out and fix it! Residential Solutions receives a lot of calls to replace rotted deck boards, floor joints, fascia boards, fences, etc.… As long as there is wood in your structure there will be the potential for wood rot! Which is why we use Never Rot, PVC and epoxy in addition to wood to repair your wood rot problems.

wood rot - dry rot - residential solutions kc

Wood rot can occur in your home when exposure to water, heat, the sun, termites, humidity, insects, and years of wear and tear happens. Wood, over time, deteriorates, dries out, and wastes away. Many times we start what looks like a simple job of replacing a rotten board and find more damage under the surface. Other times it looks really bad but once we clean up the wood and examine the structural damage we find it is isolated and not as extensive as it looked. Either way, we choose to use a vinyl composite material (Never Rot or PVC) that has the look of wood but none of the problems of wood.

How does Residential Solutions identify dry rot?

Indications that Residential Solutions notices of wood rot would be the following:

  • Red color spore dust can be seen around fruiting bodies
  • Film like skin can grow in humid temperatures
  • The decay produces an odor
  • Moldy surface can begin
  • The wood shrinks

It definitely comes as an unpleasant surprise. You are getting ready to paint and notice the wood has these indications. Residential Solutions KC’ s team can provide solutions for dry rot throughout your home. A home with significant rot will also lose its resale value, so take action as soon as possible.

Residential Solutions are Interior & Exterior Experts in Painting, Deck Build/Stain/Repair, and Wood Rot. If you are interested in learning more about the products we use to repair wood rot, please contact us at 913-522-9004 or email us at info@residentialsolutionskc.com

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