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Wednesday, Jun. 28th 2017

Residential Exterior Painting Olathe

Residential exterior painting Olathe is important to protect your home from the elements but also for curb appeal. No matter how amazing your house is on the inside, people will judge it first from the outside, which is why NOW is the time to address your residential exterior painting Olathe. When your home is looking sad and unloved, it’s time to make some changes. The problem may be that you’ve simply become blind your home’s exterior shortcomings. These may jump out at strangers who are seeing your place for the first time or pass by it every day. So it’s important to take a really long, hard look at what needs fixing. Residential Solutions wants to give your home a face lift.

There are numerous steps involved and Residential Solutions has been handling residential exterior painting in and around Olathe for some time. We can show you how much or little you need to do to achieve fantastic results. Along with exterior painting, we also repair or replace all wood that is damaged or rotted. Some of the services provided are door and shutter staining, fence and deck staining, caulking, power washing, wood replacement and priming and painting.

  • Detailed power washing of the entire exterior of the home.

  • Inspect and repair all issues with wooden window sills, brick molds, mull-center, bull noses, fascia, trim boards, siding and more.

  • Wood will be replaced with PVC, Cedar or Never Rot.

  • Siding will be replaced with a comparable siding material.

  • We will scrape all loose paint and apply primer to any bare areas. We use a 55 year pro-grade caulking by Sherman Williams, applied to all new Residential Exterior Painting Olathe repairs.

  • Stucco walls will receive a spray coating of Elastomeric Stucco Paint and back rolling.

  • Concrete deck, walks, driveways and patios will be tarped and masked to avoid overspray.

  • Plants, flowers, shrubbery and decorative landscaping will be protected and avoided.

  • A final walk-through inspection with the crew will be done on completion to customer’s statisfaction.

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