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Wednesday, Apr. 12th 2017

Residential Exterior Painting Examples

Are you looking for that special something when considering your exterior house painting? There are many things to consider. Using primer, choosing quality paints, dealing with wood rot, figuring out the season in which you paint, even what cleaning tools to use. There are many painted surfaces that come apart in little to no time because the surface was rough or dirty. You have to make sure to clean the outside exterior. Not just cleaning the outside exterior, but wash and dry. Sanding helps get the already uneven paint surfaces to a nice even surface so your paint sticks. Residential Solutions follows the best tactics as well as uses the best paints to get the job done right.

Using Primer When Exterior House Painting

Primer is the missing link when painting. Some painters just forget to use it, and go straight to the paint. Some people don’t like the thought of having to buy two cans of something just to do one job. That’s why some companies have rolled out a paint and primer combo. Whatever your choice is, Residential Solutions makes sure primer is part of the equation.

Before: The finished result of the original residential exterior painting did not sit right with the homeowners. They gave us a quick call and we went to work.

After: A strong primer and an even stronger color finish gave the homeowners another reason to go outside and look!

Choosing Quality Exterior House Paint Brands

This isn’t so much of an issue with today’s technology. Better exterior house paints are being made everyday. When you choose a brand, there really is a difference between the prices more than the price sticker. If more expensive paints last longer, you’re actually saving money in the long run.

Sometimes there are houses that need a makeover. The paint is cracked and chipped. There are pieces missing here and there. Someone passes by and says, “that house needs to be painted.” Below is some work we did. Our before and after pictures show just how can fix cracks and chips.

Before: Cracks in paint, visually unappealing. This exterior needed a desperate makeover. That’s a special task for our residential exterior painting department.

After: A nice coat really lets the house stand out. The house really appreciated it!


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