We here at Residential Solutions offer a wide variety of interior paints

Cashmere® Interior Acrylic Latex PaintCashmere paint

For the richest, smoothest finish, count on Cashmere.





ProClassic® Interior Waterbased Acrylic-Alkyd EnamelProclassic interior waterbased acrylic enamel

Offers the application and finish of an alkyd and the non-yellowing properties of an acrylic. Plus VOC content of less that 50 grams per liter




ProClassic® Alkyd Interior Enamelproclassic interior enamel

Beauty, speed and environmental compliance in one amazing alkyd





SuperPaint® Interior Acrylic Latex PaintSuperPaing Interior Acrylic Latex

For superior application and durability, enhanced super paint delivers.





Duration Home® Interior Acrylic Latex PaintDuration Acrylic Latex

The proof is in the performance. Duration Home takes wash ability and long-lasting beauty to a new level.