Sherwin-Williams Superpaint® Exterior Latex Paint

Exterior paints have to stand up to the elements while improving the beauty of your home. Choosing the right paint is critical for getting professional-quality results.sherwin-williams exterior paints

• Advanced exterior formula with PermaLast® technology for the most durable, longest-lasting coating available
• Guaranteed for as long as you own your home
• One-coat, self-priming performance
• No blistering, no peeling – virtually no maintenance!
• Available in Flat, Satin and Gloss finishes


Valspar Exterior Paints

Valspar’s durable, weather resistant exterior paints and primers will keep your home looking its best year after year.valspar exterior paints


Valspar Ultra Premium quality paint for the exterior protection and preservation of your home! Climate formulated to give mildew resistant coatings in hot, humid conditions. This latex formula goes on easily, dries quickly and cleans up with soap and water. Valspar Ultra Premium paints not only cover in one coat, but are also fade, chalk and stain resistant, washable, non yellowing and durable.• Washable, stain resistant • Soap and water clean-up

• Mildew resistant finish
• 100% Acrylic durability
• Lifetime Warranty


 Benjamin Moore Exterior Paints

bejamin moore exterior paints

A premium quality, 100% acrylic exterior latex house paint in a popular flat finish. Our latest technological improvement, using 100% acrylic resin and proprietary alkyd technology, provides a protective exterior coating that will remain looking freshly painted years after the job is finished. This high solids formula is suitable for a variety of exterior surfaces and can be applied at a wider temperature range.

• Outstanding hiding
• Covers in one coat provided the surface is in good condition and the color change is not extreme
• Superior adhesion and excellent resistance to chalking
• Delivers a high-build paint film for excellent durability and long lasting protection
• Lifetime warranty (see label for details)
• Easy to apply with brush, roller or spray
• Soap and water clean up
• Dries quickly
• Resistant to fading, cracking, peeling, blistering, dirt pick-up, alkali and fumes
• Mildew resistant – this paint is specially formulated to contain agents which inhibit the growth of mildew on the surface of the paint film
• Low temperature application


Important Facts About Mildew

This paint contains ingredients that help resist mildew growth on dry paint film. Mildew is a fungus that looks like dirt but won’t wash off. Mildew must be removed before painting or it will grow through any new coat of paint. To remove mildew, scrub house before painting with a commercial mildew remover or a solution of 1 part liquid chlorine bleach to 3 parts of water. Rinse thoroughly. Protect eyes and skin by wearing rubber gloves and eye goggles when working with bleach solution.