residential exterior painting


Can your home benefit from an exterior facelift? There are numerous steps that need to happen to ensure a quality exterior paint job; we at Residential Solutions have perfected these steps.  Along with exterior painting, we also repair or replace all wood that is damaged or rotted.

Steps include:

  • Detail power washing on entire home
  • Address all wood repair issues
  • Including: window sills, brick molds, mull-center, bull noses, fascia, trim boards, siding, and more
  • Wood will be replaced with PVC, Cedar or Never Rot
  • Siding will be replaced with comparable siding material
  • We use a 55 year pro-grade caulking by Sherwin Williams which is applied to all new repairs
  • We will scrape all loose paint and apply primer to any areas that are bare
  • A thorough inspection of all prep work is done before continuing the project
  • We will apply any paint that is chosen, the type of paint is up to the customers discretion.  However, we do recommend Sherwin Williams 25 year Super Paint or Lifetime Guarantee Duration Paint
  • All stucco walls will receive a spray coat of Elastomeric Stucco Paint and back-rolling
  • Concrete decks, patios and driveways will be tarped and masked to avoid any overspray
  • All plants, bushes, flowers and decorative landscaping will be protected and avoided
  • A final walk through with the crew will be done to ensure that the project was completed to the customers satisfaction

It is our goal to ensure customer satisfaction. Why you should use Residential Solutions KC for your next exterior painting project?

  • We want you to be a customer for life.
  • We use the best quality equipment and paint.
  • We take the time to do things right.
  • Specialty work is our specialty.

If additional wood repair is noticed that is not on the original estimate, we will bring it to the customers’ attention before moving forward with the project.  Additional costs may apply.

*Residential Solutions offers a 6 year guarantee.  There are specific warranties on all paint depending on the brand and type, please see the manufacturer’s website for details.

Additional exterior services include:

  • Door and Shutter Staining
  • Fence and Deck Staining
  • Caulking
  • Power Washing
  • Wood Replacement
  • Priming and Painting