At Residential Solutions we know that every job is as unique as our customers, each with various and specific needs.  Whether it is a specific color preference, wood tone or if you are trying to recreate something you’ve seen before, we can help with your deck & fence staining needs. Exterior wood structures, like decks, gates, fences will discolor, mildew, wood rot and lower your property value over time. Residential Solutions will ensure that your exterior wood finishes will last longer with our exterior staining processes. 

  • Staining services include decks, fences, front porches and railings, pergolas, arbors and play sets
  • We will work with our customers to determine the best stain for the surfaces it’s being applied to
  • Detailed power washing will be done to remove all loose stain and oxidation which will restore the original appearance of the wood
  • Concrete decks, patios and driveways will be tarped and masked to avoid any overspray
  • All plants, bushes, flowers and decorative landscaping will be protected and avoided
  • Stain will be applied with a sprayer and back-brushed thoroughly

Weather, animals and normal wear and tear can all wreak havoc on your decks surface; this is why Residential Solutions has established a maintenance program for all past customers.  The time frame and frequency of reapplication is up to the customers’ discretion.  As a thank you to all current and past customers, we offer this service at a reduced cost which will be established after the primary application is complete.

Our staining processes include:

  • Clearing the area of any furniture or accessories or covered for protection
  • Surface preparation
  • Proper stain application
  • Finishing and quality check

*Residential Solutions offers a 2 year guarantee.  There are specific warranties on all stain depending on the brand and type, please see the manufacturer’s website for details.