Residential Solutions has its DW Framing Contractor’s Licenses which is mandatory in the state of Kansas to build most decks.  Though some decks attached to your home can be built without having a building permit, this is not the case in most instances and will require submitting an application for a work permit which will need to be done by a licensed professional.

  • At the time of the original estimate, we will work with the homeowner to establish a building plan.  This includes general measurements, a timeline, strategy, and basic needs that are trying to be accomplished.
  • We offer treated lumber (CCA), cedar, and all Trex style decking materials
  • Communication between the homeowner, the building inspector and Residential Solutions is key in the completion of the deck


Residential Solutions offers several styles of fences, we will work with the homeowner to determine what style best fits their needs and personal preferences.  It is completely up to the homeowner to determine fence style and building materials, however, we prefer to build all of our fences with cedar.

Fence TypesNo permit is required for fences that are less than 6 feet high

Due to cables, pipes sewage lines and more surrounding your home, it will be necessary to contact Dig Safe so they can come out and mark all appropriate dig areas for the post holes.

Finding property lines will be necessary in order to establish fence boundaries



Residential Solutions can also offer power washing and staining for your new investment.  We recommend waiting a minimum of 6-8 weeks prior to staining the new cedar which allows for the wood to cure and helps with stain absorption.  We recommend a minimum of 4-6 weeks for all treated lumber.

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